Fast sales. Zero seller fees. 100% cash offers!

How everything works:

Visit our website

Pop your postcode in, phone number and first line of address when prompted

Receive an sms

Your SMS is a notice confirming your details have been received

Supply supporting evidence

By supplying some picture evidence of your home we will be able to get an accurate idea of the rough value of your property

Quick call to provide an offer

We will call and discuss whether you’re happy to proceed with our cash offer

Schedule your home visit

We’ll then book a home visit from one of our Property Partners who will look at your home, make note of any unique features or potential problems and chat to you about your situation and discuss whether a sell my house for cash option is the right fit for you

Final valuation (post survey)

If you’re happy with the final valuation then we’ll then commission a RICS survey to be carried out on your property accurately ensuring the condition of your home

Complete & get paid

That's it, you will have completed all of the steps required for us to be able to give you a cash offer and should you accept, you’ll receive a cash sum in your bank account within weeks

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